7 Gift Ideas for Your Spouse ...


7 Gift Ideas for Your Spouse ...
7 Gift Ideas for Your Spouse ...

The gifts we give to and receive from our spouse or significant other do not have to be expensive and well bought. Many times, the gifts with meaning from the heart are the most treasured of all gifts. Next time your guy's birthday rolls around, consider one of these simple gift ideas"

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Give Him a Card

Give Him a Card Photo Credit: jade19721

Cards and letters give us the opportunity to say what we can't put into words. Find the card that best fits your style and taste, and personalize it with a message of your own. Leave it somewhere out of the ordinary for them to find.



Kisses! Photo Credit: Ana Pobleanu

Sometimes the touch of a fiery, passionate kiss is present enough for a man - since it tends to lead to much more! Kiss him like you did when you first met him! Let him feel the fire and passion you feel toward him. Why not? You did this when you first married and he still loves it!


Body Massage

Body Massage Photo Credit: La Petite Vie

Turn your bedroom into a fully furnished spa and massage all his cares away. Who knows, there may be a gift in store for you too! Massages are easy and fun. Buy some sensual massage oil, light a few candles, turn on some romantic music, lock the door, and…


Rent HIS Favorite Movie

Rent HIS Favorite Movie Photo Credit: BrettMorrison

Rather than your usual romantic choice, opt for his choice of action and adventure and snuggle up! Grab the popcorn, a blanket, and get cozy with the sound of gunfire in the background. And you can always fake being scared just to get a little extra lovin' from him if you want!


Cook His Favorite Meal

Cook His Favorite Meal Photo Credit: Kynia

Go all out! Have his favorite drink, his favorite meal, his favorite dessert all there! You know the saying, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach"? Men consider food to be one of the greatest gifts that God could have ever invented!

Famous Quotes

One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.

Albert Schweitzer

Get a Babysitter and Plan a Night Alone

Get a Babysitter and Plan a Night Alone Photo Credit: Darrell Godliman

If you have kids, you know how rare it is to get alone time - for even when you are alone, you're not really alone. There is always a chance of interruption by the sweet little voices begging for a glass of water! Recruit grandma as babysitter-for-the-night and re-live the good old days! Enjoy a quiet evening at home, snuggle, talk, and appreciate the time alone.


If All else Fails...

If All else Fails... Photo Credit: cHOpiL

...there is always the option of a gift card to Bass Pro Shop! What man doesn't like that place, right? If that sore is not his dream place for shopping, you know which one it is, so what are you waiting for? Order the gift card now!

Giving gifts is not mandatory in a relationship, but it does allow your spouse to see that you are thinking about them and you consider their feelings. So what are you waiting for? Start showering your man with gifts of love!

Top Photo Credit: Brandon Christopher Warren

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i love this post! great!

This is pretty poor - the ideas here are weak at best; stuff anyone could think of in a matter of seconds. If my girlfriend did anything of these listed things I'd be disappointed with her lack of effort and creativity.

Gift him personalized gadget of his choice.

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