9 Incredible and Unique Holiday Gift Ideas ...


9 Incredible and Unique Holiday Gift Ideas ...
9 Incredible and Unique Holiday Gift Ideas ...

The holidays are coming up and a lot of gift shopping (or making) that needs to be done, so I’ve come up with some unique holiday gift ideas. It’s hard to find something special to get for our loved ones that they don’t already have. Here is a list that will make holiday shopping made easy. Continue reading for some unique holiday gift ideas!

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Experience Gifts

This is my favorite from my list of unique holiday gift ideas! Experience gifts are so great to give to a special someone. Options include romantic dinner cruises, racing a Lamborghini, tandem ski diving and other crazy cool experiences! You can purchase this for you to enjoy with someone special. You can also purchase this for two or more loved ones to enjoy! This is such an unexpected and great gift idea that not many know of.


Customize It

Another cool idea is to customize your gift. Many websites (Shutterfly, CVS Photo, Walgreens) offer customized photo gifts. These types of gifts include any photo of your choice on random things. You can get a photo customized on something simple like a mug, or a calender. You can also purchase something bigger like a canvas, fleece blankets or a photo book. There are so many different options, and you can customize it with any photo you want!


Consider Their Hobbies

Consider what your loved ones enjoy doing for fun. If they enjoy girly things like makeup and fashion, consider a makeup bag filled with products or a bag filled with accessories. If they like sports, consider sport themed gifts like a basketball or a framed photo of a favorite player. The options are endless! These are great gift ideas for someone with a specific hobby.


Consider Their Situation

When I say consider their situation, I mean consider what your loved one is currently going through. If, for example, they had just moved into a new place, consider a home décor gift. If they had just graduated high school, consider a basket of "college survival" goodies! Think about what stage they are in life, and apply that to their gift. This is a cute way to somewhat personalize your gifts and make it a little more meaningful!


What do They Want?

The simplest way to figure out what gift to get is to simply think about what they want. If there is something your loved one has been wanting but for some reason hasn’t gotten around to it, there’s your gift idea. This way you don’t have to lose your mind trying to find a gift. Simply go with what they want. You can make it even better by adding another gift that relates to the one they’ve been wanting, so it’s not too plain!

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What do They Need?

Along with what they want, consider what they need. Something your loved one needs will also make a great gift. Consider what they need in terms of school, work, or their home. For example, if your loved one is starting a new semester of school, consider a cute personalized backpack (depending on age). This is a nice way to provide them with what they need, while still making it something special.


Doesn’t Have to Be Physical

Gifts do not have to be something that is a physical object. You can also get game tickets, book a little getaway or something similar. If that’s over the top, you can get tickets to a museum you know they would like, or a play they would enjoy. There are so many different ideas that you can do with this. That’s definitely a fun and unique gift!


Make It

Not all gifts have to be purchased. You can make your gifts, too! Consider researching different DIY gifts that your loved one would enjoy (try Pinterest). Nothing means more than putting your time and effort into making someone’s gift. This is also way more affordable!


Personalize It

The most important part in purchasing or making your gift is that it is personalized. This is what makes the gift so special! Whether it is their hobby, name or photo, try to make it sentimental. That is what the holidays are about; family and giving. So, make sure to personalize your gift, no matter what it may be.

Those were my unique Holiday gift ideas! I hope this helped you with your shopping (or DIY-ing) experience. Don’t forget to enjoy the Holidays with your families! What are some unique Holiday gift ideas you can think of?

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all I gotta say is nice because this is beautiful

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